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Service Status

Gmav, UNO's implementation of Google Apps for Education, is ready for use. Learn more about these services on the Google Apps For Education web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive a gmav account?

Most actively enrolled UNO students, and faculty, staff and GATAs will receive a gmav account. Faculty and staff will, however, continue to use Lotus Notes for their official UNO e-mail.

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How do I login to my gmav account?

Click on the word 'E-mail' to the above right, under the gmav logins. You will be presented with a login page. Enter your UNO NetID username and password and click the Go button. The first time you do this you will be presented with a Welcome Screen where you'll enter a 'security' word (much as like buying tickets from TicketMaster). Read through the Terms of Service, then click on the 'I Accept. Create my Account' button to activate your gmav account. Subsequent logins will take you directly to your gmav e-mail account inbox.

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Why did we make the change?

Students asked for a new e-mail system. Google offers more than 7 gigabytes of storage as well as many other features. You asked for something different. We delivered. We feel the extra speed, availability and ease of use will make your UNO e-mail experience a great one!

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Will I be able to forward my gmav e-mail to another account?

Yes; please see Google's documentation here.

Will I be able to look up e-mail addresses for other students, faculty and staff using the gmav e-mail system?

Students will be able to find faculty and staff addresses through a lookup function in the Gmail system. Additionally, you will have the ability to create personal contact lists. Faculty and staff will be able to find UNO student addresses using the NU system University Address Book.

How do I configure my mobile device to access gmav?

Please follow the directions in this document.

How do I get support for gmav?

Instructions for 'everyday' gmav e-mail activities are here. Be sure to open the PDF 'bookmarks' to help you navigate the sections, and set the page magnification to 100%. Full technical support services will be provided by Google through the Google Apps Help Center. For questions about account creation and maintenance, name and role changes, and various UNO-specific 'how-do-I' questions, please contact ITS Customer Services at 554.4357, or You can also choose to submit an electronic support ticket to the Helpdesk.

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I have concerns about the privacy and security and mass e-mails with my gmav account.

Please check out the gmav security page.

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Please take me to more FAQs for Students

Student FAQs.

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Please take me to more FAQs for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff FAQs.

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Where do I find the FAQs for Google Docs and Sites?

Google Docs and Sites FAQs.

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